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Note the error straight hair plate method

For convenience and to hair styling, many girls have a straight hair plate, but you know how to use hair straighteners?

Selection of electric hair straightener plate when you value most for what price, fast heating, or width? Mistakes are easy to enter a lot of girls in the selection of the board straight hair, thought that the higher the temperature, the better, or straight hair plate as widely as possible, As everyone knows, these misconceptions can neither give you the perfect hairstyle is also easy to damage hair. We cite six with straight hair plate common mistake, the way you did this?

To the highest temperature

You do not need a high temperature of 240 degrees to straighten hair, 210 degrees, and sufficient to meet any hair and hairstyles. Do not underestimate  the 30 degrees, it brings damage your hair may be increased exponentially.

A hair several times with straight hair plate

Before use board straight hair with a comb, a bunch of hair combing finishing them as much as possible to keep a straight, straight hair and then use the the board clamped uniform down mobile. Try to avoid a bunch of hair re-use board straight hair, do not stopover, this is very easy to burn hair.

Forget to protect hair

Many girls often use heated hair tools do not know how to protect the hair with hair care products, in fact, as long as the use of the straight hairpin before more can prevent heat damage hair essence a simple, such as Kerastase heat vitality milk, smear later use to protect hair from damage, but also to do a good job of modeling more durable.

Hair pulled into a rigid straight hair

Hair pulled into a stiff two parallel lines when inside the nest into a "haircut" has long been out of fashion, we recommend that you to grip the Hair Straightener hand down zoned C-shaped, to the tips end with straight hair plate natural arc, which is more beautiful, oh.

Do not pay attention to hair heat damage

Use electric hairdressing tools hair issue sizzle Well, quickly stopped!

The bigger the better

Bulky, old-fashioned metal the straight hairpin close to  the roots of the hair is difficult to choose the latest ceramic or tourmaline panel and board width of about 2.5cm small straight hair is easier to operate.

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