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Prone to misunderstanding in the creative design resolution

Creative design shoes like a lot of companies have shown the two extremes:
The first point is still relatively weak, creative thinking can not be divorced from the category of imitation G, the listing of the new shoes are very similar, serious homogeneity.
The second point is that ideas are out of the market concept, thinking jump too, looks good effect diagram once made sample that effect visual sense is greatly reduced.

Creative design of the shoe pattern due to the constraints of the foot, not like electronic products and clothing can be a revolutionary innovation, but many domestic brand companies anxious and desperately want to remove the product homogeneity, in order to enhance their competitiveness to increase the added value . But like shoes creative to do to make new breakthroughs in line with market trends, which requires footwear designers to have a certain creative ideas.

The design is too rigid:
Shoes Corner Site learned part of the shoe factory development models are a style reference to design or extend a series to development, when most designers will use addition and subtraction to the lines programs or modify, accessories. However, as a business owner is also willing to accept this insurance design program, so that also formed the first point I said above, everyone reference design, simple lines are carrying modify, causing you to visit me, I imitation, caught in a vicious circle to get out of the styles that do come out will almost invariably.

The design is too exaggerated:
Establish the image of the company's products in order to distinguish the homogenization of style in recent years, many companies encourage designers to set off the conceptual elements the various footwear creative design contest was not poor, some of which were fine, but a lot of give people The feeling is hard to join, thinking jump too, very consistent with footwear production or wearing is very far-fetched, added some of the so-called creative. Renderings of the visual effects manifestations are very strong, and looks great impact, but can not express how to fight Edition, craft production requirements to designers about the works, which will form the second point I said above this is a designer and personal lack of the idea of ​​the market, the lack of knowledge of relevant shoe.

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