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To moving steadily promote the national brand general manager of the pole star Lvgui Xi exclusive interview

As a the outdoor national brand leader, pole star in recent years, a step by step to move closer to the level of outdoor brands in the world by various media as well as the outdoor consumer groups concerned about. ISPO show in 2013, the pole star is its unique concept, atmosphere booth layout to attract distributors and the audience's eyes to the scene. The green outdoor fortunate to interview Mr. Lv Guixi, general manager of the pole star, and in-depth understanding of the pole star of the future development plans and the latest news.
Green: the new year, the pole star a special development planning and promotion programs in the promotion of the brand concept and brand awareness?
Pole star: the promotion of the brand should be step by step. In the new year, our promotion program mainly concentrated in the area of ​​new media, to increase efforts in new media and publicity.

Green: What is the difference with the activities organized by other brands?
Pole star: "dream plan" is our long-term need for a plan, it does not have a short-term timeliness. As long as the plan is a good dream, the spirit and meaning of the outdoor sports in which we will do everything to support. First, there is no clear timeliness pole star made activities, followed by activities also focused on more than the ALICE third did not focus on a special return Instead, we will focus on the dissemination of the outdoor spirit, rather than it be limited to a particular movement.

Greenfield: ISPO Beijing held a grand press conference, invited a lot of dealers come to participate, whether the distribution of the products in 2013, channels to make adjustments?
Pole star: 2013, Volkswagen will continue to promote outdoor pole star in the mall, which is the basis for the development of the brand. In addition, in some professional outdoor shop will also give special attention to the creation of a professional and national DNA core is our brand, we must insist. In addition, with the rapid rise of e-commerce, the pole star has also been in e-commerce, a new channel, and vigorously expand.

Green: new channels to expand their own doing? Or relying on partners doing?

Pole star: and a close partner with the pole star will authorize a special e-commerce company.

Green: in 2013, in the fabrics, science and technology, with color, as well as product design, the pole star will bring outdoor enthusiasts will be more focused on what kind of surprise? What plan?

Pole star: this year, we will focus on these aspects. Use in fabrics, more focus on  the combination of function and fashion; type version, we will for the different environments, different people, different outdoor sports, design a different version of the type; fashion be close to life, and then to do the traditional outdoor more stylish and colorful; terms of color, we will be more emphasis on the harmony of man and nature "which the colors of nature into a product.

Green: the pole star in the booth what special arrangements? Focus will tend to the theme?

Pole star: promoting the theme of 2013 is "the more the domain, this theme is to convey the idea of ​​consumers: the sleepy crowd in the city, they could go to nature, close to nature, and wake up tired body and mind in a natural, after the rest of the "Vietnam Domainand short-term physical and mental" indulgence "to have more energy back to real life.

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