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A three decades of oil paintings - Title "My name is Grandma" after a small school Jikaku Yin


My heart the most beautiful and most serious grandmother, the painting is 71 years after the United States attend a vocational school of engineering by painting a picture.

As the years went on, all three decades! Save only this painting, I remember when Dad is not reborn, after school often take common appreciation of this painting with the father, the father said: "The painting like, similar to the value of 95% ...."


Riyuerusuo, Dad passed away last year, also in succession, no Shang Hua's bosom friend to evaluate, after school painting gene from Dad, Dad year's paintings are in the funeral industry's equipment on, Dad's colleagues and Dad's friends and relatives often praised skilled, Dad's personality do not want to "love emerged name", so for myself and others, after the school year is to uphold the interest of such a choice America engineering Dali Salvado paintings, and now after all these years, and then look back, they are are personnel all Africa, the years passed, life is short, looking kindly grandmother, cherish the memory of her father, the only sense of loss tears Shan skirt.


Looking at the sky the night sky Stars Know My Heart, Bright stars high in the sky, hoping the emotion of being in love with a grateful heart, please convey breeze mind after learning Department of love, willing to Grandma and Daddy are in heaven can feel .......

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