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Exhibition in the village hall saddle

 INNER WORLDS OUTER WORLDS Impressions in Watercolor


Brigitte Lipponen from Crailsheim Town Hall in the saddle village

 Saddle village .. New watercolors titled " inner worlds - worlds outside " shows the Crailsheimerin Brigitte Lipponen in Satteldorfer City Hall. The visitors get an insight into what moves the artist.


For 25 years, Brigitte Lipponen working intensively on painting that has become next to family and work is their life . Extremely productive this operation , as the visitors their recent exhibition in saddle village can experience , where they only comes up with works of the past two years.

Of the great artistic and human respect, which Brigitte Lipponen pleased to announced at the opening of musical pieces by Bernd Lipponen (keyboard) and the welcome by Deputy Mayor Matthias Strasser also " color and shape " Chairman Siegfried Luffler in Monet Claude introduction lively expression . For 23 years, Brigitte Lipponen heard of the artist association of , has since refined their style quickly found continuously and with great enthusiasm and deepened.

For the three thematic groups , which is dedicated to Brigitte Lipponen focus , Luffler in each case was a representative exhibition image . So " Winter sun in the city " is the theme of landscape , combining representational with a strong emotional statement. As always , the colors comes to reaching significance , such as the vanishing point of a pedestrian zone in the Yellow runs , as well as the faces of the many people light up normal.

"Crisis newspaper reports " represents the focus of images of people who are always loud Luffler in landmark , comprehensible to the viewer life Monet Claude. In a collage of newspaper mountain catastrophe reports are included , where the reader with the strength of their own encounters at the edges : own values ​​, life experiences and hopes are there , let people handle life .

The abstract paintings eventually formed from Brigitte Herberths pure pleasure of painting. Extraordinarily open here is the process of fully loslassender joy and initially largely free of thoughts. Yet here arise as eloquent works such as " sensory overload  Monet Claude paintings" , which , as always, tell of distinct image composition and color conscious .

Whatever the color: to study the interaction with the subjects and the composition, is one of the main tasks of the tour , which extends over two floors and the Town Hall . Red is declared to be the color of strength, certainly internally as well as to understand the part of external Monet Claude influences . To further highlight the abundance of two other works , is mentioned as very impressive " incision " to . A black vortex gives an idea of ​​Turbulent , a cool , intense blue is like trying to create order . In the maelstrom of contrasts , a downright brilliant white in the air and gives an idea of ​​a departure .

In the illustrations of people, " pain " is particularly striking : A woman is crouched , and at her feet dominates a moving event with lots of black and red , but the amount that they receive stretches , is bright and open

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