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Show R.Budicin in Venice


   Winter - Oil on canvas

Here are some pictures that will be featured in the exhibition Roberto Budicin held in Venice from Sunday, April 7. The exhibition will take place at the Gallery Melori & Rosenberg (Campo del Ghetto Nuovo) until April 17.


         From Rialto - Oil on board


Riva degli Schiavoni - Oil on board


    Sunset in the lagoon - Oil on board



Landscape and River - Frits Thaulow paintings

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Why Van Gogh committed suicide with a gun ?



Vincent van Gogh Self-portrait
· Vincent Van Gogh (Vincent van Gogh, 1853 - 1890), a Dutch national treasure. I've been to Amsterdam , " Van Gogh museum " twice , the first time backpacking and the second was a business trip to the Netherlands , the Dutch took me to visit, this is like a foreigner in Taiwan , we must bring the " Palace Museum " " now treasure ."

Van Gogh lived only a short period of 37 years, from 27 years old began writing ; decade , creating volume is very alarming , namely : eight hundred paintings, as well as eight hundred other paintings. Finally destitute, committed suicide with a pistol .

I asked the Dutch friends : " Van Gogh was poor, why have a gun suicide ? " Two man froze for a moment to discuss a few words, the result is shrugging giggle ......



[ Suicide ? ]

About Van Gogh 's suicide , doubts , a lot of controversy .

Not only firearms of unknown origin, and Van Gogh was shot in the stomach , unlike a gun suicides are aligned shot himself in the head or heart . If he wanted to commit suicide, why not leave a suicide note ? Killed without firing a shot , why did he not make up a shot ?

Van Gogh on July 29, 1890 morning, died from his shot himself 36 hours ; suicidal determination will usually die by suicide scene, Van Gogh shot after they trudged back to his room, until after found injury .



[ Moved Orville ]


Vincent 's brother Theo (Theo) lived in Paris , I hope to take care him. May 21, 1890 , Vincent Wang Si Aer general from the south of France (Arles, pictured above ) moved northwest of Paris Orville (Auvers-sur-Oise), lived in Fort Worth Inn (Auberge Ravoux), and accept Kerry Scotia Doctor (Doctor Gachet) healing . At this point, only two months until his death .


( Fort Worth hotel, restaurant on the first floor has been changed to the second floor room that year Van Gogh still retains )



[ Witnesses ]

Aide Lin · Courtney Love (Adeline Ravoux, as shown below ) is Courtney Love innkeeper 's daughter, then 12 years old, has served several sheets of Van Gogh paintings models . Van Gogh was shot after she had recorded the case back to the hotel :

Van Gogh back to the inn , the bow was back , his hands encircling the stomach , his mother had asked him if he unharmed , Van Gogh painfully hesitantly said: " Nothing, but I have ...... " He went directly to the floor back room.

Our family feels right , father got up and went to the stairwell , listen for movement.

Van Gogh hotel proprietress later found bleeding quickly recruited Kerry Scotia doctors, rescue Ka homes look hopeless , to accompany Van Gogh until his death.


[Ka care physicians ]

Theo had hoped Kerry Scotia doctor to treat his brother , only to doctors but also melancholy than the patient , but restless. Kerry Scotia doctors are amateur painter , became friends with Vincent , Wen Jia homes for the survivors portrait painting looks depressed and tired Kerry homes , left according digitalis (digitalis, cardiac ) .


1990 , the first one , " Kerry Scotia doctor" by the Japanese " Daishowa Paper " Ryohei Saito boss to buy the high price of $ 82.5 million , becoming the most expensive one in the history of painting . " Daishowa Paper " bankrupt, this painting unaccounted


The second lot, " Kerry Scotia doctor" , now in the possession of Paris ' Musee d'Orsay "


[ Gun was borrowed from the innkeeper ? ]

There was a saying : Van Gogh as " driven nasty crow " grounds, to Courtney Love innkeeper by the gun .

From the time Aide Lin · Courtney Love sightings , the boss seems to know Van Gogh was shot up . And the boss should know Van Gogh have mental problems , it is impossible to lend him a gun.



[ Gun was bought ? ]

Another argument is : Van Gogh arms supplier to buy handguns. Orwell's people scoff at this argument .

An old woman's grandfather and Van Gogh are old acquaintances . She said: " Van Gogh borrowed five francs to his grandfather , a few days later , because not pay the money , he asked his grandfather choose to offset some paintings , grandfather to having also declined. " She believes that even small inn Van Gogh could not pay the rent is not possible to have money to buy a gun .


( " Wheat Field with Crows " is the last work of Van Gogh , Van Gogh Crows are gunshots flush ? )



[ Gun is stolen ? ]

Van Gogh stolen pistol to say, long before it was published in the French magazine " god of medicine " (Aesculapius, Roman mythology, the god of medicine ) :

Father operate pharmacies in Paris two brothers , often on weekends to Orwell's house to play, they are on good terms , and Van Gogh , two brothers borrowed beat the rabbit in your carrying pistols , Van Gogh was stolen , but that pistol has failed .

However, Van Gogh used, can actually firing .



[ Gun fire ? ]

In fact , it could be Van Gogh to the two brothers by the gun ' drive away pesky crows , "because the pistol had failures, when Van Gogh manipulate fire , accidentally fired a shot toward the abdomen .

Two brothers saw kills , quickly distance themselves from responsibility lied stolen pistol was Vincent Van Gogh , also in magazines accountable plot.

[ Last years ]

Van Gogh lives in the last two years, extremely restless. February 1888 , Xi Zizi invite famous painter Vincent van Gogh Gauguin (Paul Gauguin) to Al living together . October , Gauguin lived after coming two differing philosophies , constantly bickering . In December, after a violent dispute , Gauguin furious away, Van Gogh cut off his left ear actually lower ( as right , this is the mirror self-portrait painted ) . Later, residents of collective petitions , Van Gogh was admitted mental sanatorium.

Theo is the only long-term mental and substance to the full support of Van Gogh loved ones, cutting off their ears before the event , Theo told him to get married next year , so he was very depressed. Coupled with Gauguin 's departure , Van Gogh finally furious .

In 1890, Theo poor due to economic circumstances , the decision to move back to the Netherlands mother's house ; case, loneliness again attacked Van Gogh . Just more than two years , the relocation of residence , situational changes, coupled with bipolar disorder sicker, Van Gogh finally bear , even without shooting , Van Gogh will be more crazy .


( "Red Vineyard " , painted in 1888 , is the only sold during the lifetime Van Gogh paintings )