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Thomas 3D puzzle game

English name: Puzz 3D: Thomas Kinkade
Resource Format: CD image
Producers and Distributors: Lamplight Manor
The Puzz 3D game, based on contemporary American genius painter Thomas Kinkade's paintings as the background of the game. Game, players received an invitation Thomas Kinkade, helping him together to complete the construction of his house, to complete every part of the 3D intellectual puzzle. Every part, all with Thomas Kinkade painting as a beautiful background of the game, both to experience the fun of the game, but also to enjoy the beautiful paintings, it is fun to watch. Players playing the game at the same time, it is enjoying the beautiful influence of the arts.

Stairway To Paradise.jpg


Thomas Kinkade Stairway To Paradise

Most collections of contemporary American family favorite genius painter --Thomas Kinkade small files

Thomas Kinkade was born in 1958 in California, when the age of four pen graffiti, they show his paintings endowments, family and teachers called him "draw little genius." At the age of fourteen, began determined to engage in artistic creation. In 1984 he was the first openly paintings -DAWSON. His best lyrical landscapes, because it is very popular American field scenery, so that he could not stop the brush, so to persevere and not give up the hardships of the art road. We can, through his brush, towards America's natural scenery interpretation of another part of the home's feelings, and thus foreign land also had a kind of recognition of the affair. In his paintings, we see an increase not only the beautiful landscape, but also to see the love and warmth of home, this is his favorite paintings by collectors around the world to become the richest collection of contemporary paintings by painter reasons.
Thomas Kinkade happy family life, in 1982 and is engaged in the work of art childhood girlfriend married and has a son and a daughter. He is a devout Christian, the purpose of creation is to praise God created the wonderful nature. His paintings often be recognized by the international arts organizations, and was NALED (National Association of Limited Edition Dealers) annual award for the best artist.

Here paste pieces of Thomas Kinkade's paintings, for your reference.

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