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Charm "Grandfather Tales" Victor Nizovtseva


Nizovtsev artist Victor (Victor Nizovtsev) paints for 15 years, a considerable period, and at the same time consciously lives in the search. He is committed to the development of painting system based on the contrast of the composition and the contrast of light and dark colors, like the images of good and evil in the story. In this case, it uses the language of symbols as its invented and taken from the folk culture of the sign.


He speaks to us in the language of the subconscious. And the result is an original, naive, philosophical, nothing on a similar painting Victor Nizovtseva. Images created in his mind, are unusual, are not clear, but close to us, because everyone has experienced in childhood charm of fairy tales and can, if desired, to experience that feeling again.


Folklore Vyatichi Urals tales Bazhova, samples of art, even the philosophy of the ancient Greeks, whom he admires, - these are the ingredients of creativity Nizovtseva multiplied by the contemplative and philosophical perception of the world.


Looking at this middle-aged, kind of person, you begin to wonder if he knows with mermaids and witches Jamie Wyeth Paintings for sale? Do not walk on moonlit nights on the shore of the enchanted river, he looks like a Santa-lesovichka?


It will take years, forgotten the names of many flashy and expensive salon artists. Will remain in the memory of the living and spiritual creativity sincere, hardworking, loving this world artists. And one of them - Victor Nizovtsev.








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