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I could think of ... but not out loud ...

I wandered very far, walking,

This afternoon,

There was silence around this ...

I bent over a flower,

And suddenly

Heard your voice, and you said -

No, I could not mishear,

Have you talked to this flower

On the windowsill, you whispered ...

Do you remember the words?


- No, you repeat them first. -


Having found the flower,

Shaking off his beetle

And taking care of the stalk,

I caught some small sound

It's like a whisper "come" -

No, wait,

Do not argue - because I heard good!


- I could think of, but not aloud. -


I came.

Robert Frost (per.Grigory circles)


Photographs Andrei Razumovsky

Anna Razumovskaya Paintings

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