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I invented a thin girl in a scarf .....

Saturday, January 7, 2012 9:01 + to quote pad


I love this girl in a thin scarf,
In red mittens taken from Zorka loan,
What was the shining ugly duckling
For no apparent reason in the middle of winter.

I love this woman, the one that woke
And suddenly opened my eyes depth
Tu, whose gentle and ruthless youth

Young and hastens my gray hair.
We laugh, run, calling out to each other,
From each other almost nothing melting.
Snow and swamps of the Arctic Circle
Spread my swan song.

Time has a springy heels in stone,
Planes soared sky resins ....
Well ... so what, sweetheart, if the land
Slowly burning under my feet?
(L. Oshanin. 1967)


Thank you for being you, I came up with
Under blizzard unkind winters
Several years of ringing and noise
I was happy and blind.
Castles in the air to build a simple,
But they will not find a trace of ash.
What a pity that briefly and inadvertently
They stood on the ground.
Thank you, that I have built for their call
Of songs, colors and warmth.
I invented a thin girl in a scarf -
And then there was such a.
(L. Oshanin.1973.)


Artist - illustrator from Japan Naoko Aoyama

by Louis Aston Knight paintings


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