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About a thousand hands ....




Mudras - dance a thousand hands.

Mudra - a gesture, a particular character, created with the help of hands, and not just the hands.

In Sanskrit, mudra- printing, sign.

This mesmerizing game of the fingers and the body - the ancient wisdom of those who know much more than we are.




Mudras are finger across the wrist, hand, sometimes - all telom.Po fact, wise create a certain energy configuration that affects the physical body and mind. It is an ancient sacred practice, there are thousands of years old.







According to one legend, these movements through their dancing Shiva handed people.

The dance of Shiva 108 positions corresponding to 108 measurements of the physical world.

Shiva's dance in a circle of flame, to exterminate all the dead ...

Hand, dropped down, makes Abhaya Mudra,

hand raised up, making dandahastu Mudra -

man's emergence from the cycle of rebirth.




In the practice of yoga mudras and performed with asanas, breathing,

meditation, or yourself.

All the wise have healing effect, re-adjust the consciousness

help to concentrate and work with major telom.Devyat wise used to refer to different stages of meditation, and with their appearance related to the beautiful legend.




Abhaya Mudra (Abhaya Mudra) - Mudra "No Fear"

"Fear has many faces, but the reason for it - always a weakness."

This wise Buddha stopped the enraged elephant who was about to attack him.

Mudra openness, strength, fear of denial.

Mudra protection (strong is able to protect the weak).

Palm of the hand is raised at chest level and facing outward,

Brush deployed from a palm, fingers pointing upwards,

thumb is separated from the other four fingers.




Jnana Mudra & Chin Mudra (Jnana Mudra and Chin Mudra) - wise mind (meditation)

wise and knowledge (print harmony).

Wise "Jnana" and "Chin" are like mirror images of each other.



In any position of the body, connected to the tips of the thumb and index finger, the other fingers are straight (gesture "OK" because we already think about it). In the lotus position - hands resting on the hips. Performed with both hands. When your fingers pointing up to the sky, it is wise "Jnana" (contemplation gesture). If the fingers pointing down to earth wise "Chin" (print harmony)



Wise "Jnana" and "Chin" can be performed in two ways. In the first case, touch the tips of the thumb and forefinger. In another case, the tip of the index finger respect to the first joint of the thumb, as shown in the second figure. The first way - is passively receiving, and the second active giving.




Bhumisparja Mudra (Mudra bhumisparsha) - "I call upon the earth to witness"

Mudra touching the ground,




Usually, when speaking of this mudra, remember the story of the victory of the Buddha over the king of demons Mara.

Left hand in the mudra turned palm down, fingers loosely touching the ground,

right - palm facing up, brush disclosed as a flower (lotus position).




Mudra enlightenment. Dhyana Mudra (dhyana mudra).




Both hands are at rest in the abdomen, palms up,

straightened fingers of the right hand over the fingers of the left

(either contiguous middle phalanges)

thumbs touch each other, forming a triangle,

symbolizing the "three treasures" -

Teacher, his teachings and the teachings of the host community.

Although this interpretation can not be the unique,

as this wise existed

was used long before the birth of Buddha on earth.


Vajrahumkara-mudra (Vadzhrahumkara-wise) - wise Eternal Buddha, Buddha Vajradhara in heaven,




  symbolic expression of the word "Hung", indicating the Great Void.

         Open hands in this mudra crossed on his chest,

         thumbs up, little fingers slightly withdrawn to the sides.




Shavasana Mudra (Mudra Savasana) Great relaxation techniques and, at the same time - the concentration of power. Consciousness is freed from worldly thoughts, and the body relaxes ...



"Lie down flat on the ground, face up, like a corpse. This shavasana.

It removes fatigue and allows the mind (and entire body) to relax. "




Vajra Mudra. "Mudra igniting lightning", "Arrow Vajra".




The thumbs of both hands are connected at their lateral surfaces.

Index fingers are straight and are also connected together.

The remaining fingers are crossed with each other.

This mudra is associated with the "root chakra" - Muladhara,

responsible for the vitality and connection with the energy of the earth.






The dance depicts the goddess Guan Yin Thousand.

It is performed deaf dancer troupe (CDPPAT)

their movements are coaches from the four corners of the stage, giving signals.

Girls - 21.

For the first time the play was presented in Athens at the Paralympic Games in 2004.

The troupe toured more than 40 countries.


Look again ....

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