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Ron Sanders. Without a ticket on the wind .....





I love!
disturbed birds
Toss in the pearly sky.
How foolish to keep silent about it,
Feeling You particles!
I love!
On the streets of the city
Reflected a thousandfold,
Echo resonates envious.
So that's what it is, Sens,
Coverage of Superman!
Call an ambulance, fire, police!
Grab, treat, cook ... do you hear?
I love!






There smiles no other ... no other pole ...
People with souls bare firmly believe in heaven!
Catch the sun smiling on her hands .... color ...
Birds fed the crumbs ...
And disclosed palms
These miracles come.


Ron Sanders member of the National Society of Artists of America. The winner of numerous national and regional awards, the artist's works are in private and public collections in the United States. Ron Sanders was born in 1966 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He graduated with honors in 1989, Columbus College of Art & Design, in Columbus, Ohio. He currently lives with his family on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

by fabian perez paintings

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