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A fragrant symphony of life. Artist Galina Korostik




... Perfume, like music, belongs to the most ancient kind of art, and the perfumer is most similar to a composer who fantasizes combining different flavors, like laying on music notes. The smell of the man and his clothing as it complements the appearance of the man himself - especially women.





Series Fragrances - Amber


Even at the dawn of humanity people are very actively respond to all the smells, pleasant for them or frightening novelty, so there was the fifth sense - the sense of smell. From the depths of the ages have come to us first

Incense, retain the flavor of antiquity in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. Biblical Shulamith, seduces Solomon, danced before him, radiating exciting flavors oils impregnate her lithe body. In ancient Athens, any beauty knew that hands should smell like mint, and the face - palm oil. Effeminacy proud patricians of Rome literally bathed in the spices, they were sprayed with them not only their food, but even the streets through which must pass the emperor.









By perfume could determine social position of man, for the simple seamstress had no right to use perfume, which made ??use of the Marquis. Fashion on the odors varied as fashion apparel, and the most noble ladies Monday fragrance differently than Saturday.








Ylang - Ylang










Let us remember: perfume for women - is the coat of arms of her beauty, her habits, her character, her wonderful moods. Let us respect the woman with the arms!

Spirits create an image of an attractive woman who wants to love and be loved. No wonder that even in the ancient Sumerian kingdom beauties had spirits by name: "Come, come unto me ..."

Is that the word? No, this is also a music ...

Valentin Pikul. "A fragrant symphony of life"




Artist Galina Korostik born in Leningrad April 23, 1955. She graduated from the evening drawing classes at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Ilya Repin (teacher Andrei Borisovich Gennady). Member of the St. Petersburg branch of the Union of Artists of Russia since 2001. Participant in more than 80 exhibitions, including personal, both in Russia and abroad. Galina works are in private collections in Russia and abroad.


   "For the artist, there are two ways of joining the craft - when consciously come to what must be an artist, and the ability to eat, and when it's like a disease - if not I will draw my fantasy strangle me. This is my case."

by fabian perez paintings

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