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Victor Shvayko



Viktor Shvayko was born in a small town in the Altai, interest in painting manifested itself in the future, the artist from an early age, he enrolled in art school Novoaltaisk. Four years of hard training allowed him to gain the skills of the artist. Shvayko family moved to Carpathian, western mountainous part of Ukraine. The artist was delighted with the charm of a stunningly beautiful countryside. He continued to paint, and was invited to participate in an exhibition in Mukachevo in 1990, and then participated in the Hungarian exposition in 1991.


Victor was allowed to leave Yugoslavia. In the confusion of the civil war, he fled to Italy with his paintings, attached to the back, often confronted with a gang of militants bombed.


Arriving in Italy, virtually penniless Victor survived by selling his paintings on the streets of Rome. There he was able to cultivate and to defer some money. He eventually returned to a free Russia, where he had the opportunity to go to America.


Arriving in New York, with little money and poor spoken English, Victoria again had to survive by selling their works. It was here that he developed his penchant for painting small cafes and other intimate places that we see in his work today, and that became his trademark.


Its tempting combination of beauty and mystery was interest and admiration of collectors from around the world.
Now it is one of the best-selling - in the form of posters - artist in the world.





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