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Russian painter Ivan Kramskoi


Master of genre, historical and portrait painting Ivan Kramskoi (1837-1887) was born in the city of Voronezh province Ostrogozhsk in a poor middle class family.
In his youth Kramskoj "tried" many professions: copyist, apprentices icon painter, watercolorist and retoucher in a traveling photographer.
In 1857, Ivan Kramskoi entered the Imperial Academy of Arts and became a pupil of Professor AT Markov.
In 1863, Ivan Kramskoi was one of the initiators of the so-called "revolt of fourteen", and later organized Artel of Artists and the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions.
The artist's work, which existed on the verge of portraiture and genre painting, had a significant influence on the development of art in Russia in the last third of the nineteenth century.


Chakchem Najib paintings

Portrait of Sophia Nikolaevna Kramskoj (1863). Tretyakov Gallery


Forest path (ok.1870). Tretyakov Gallery


Hiver (1872). Tretyakov Gallery



Girl with her oblique (1873). Tretyakov Gallery


Portrait of Leo Tolstoy (1873). Tretyakov Gallery


Moonlit Night (1880). Tretyakov Gallery


Portrait of a Woman (1881). State Picture Gallery-Kursk


Farmer with a bridle. Mina Moiseev (1883). The Museum of Russian Art-Kiev


Inconsolable Grief (1884). Tretyakov Gallery

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