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Memorable pictures of Korean artist Kim Dae Jung

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Dae Chun Kim, uses a unique oil painting, flowers filling the new unexplored streets of small towns of the Mediterranean and mysterious luxury English gardens, has for 30 years of his artistic career. Cloths author honored to exhibit at the prestigious Art Gallery Hyundai, Seoul. Many European countries have appreciated the work of the talented South Korean artist, not so long ago, the paintings were presented at the Birmingham Gallery in London. Kim's works are very popular and in demand to get them you have to put a lot of effort and spend a very long time.


Danilyants Shana paintings
















A series of messages "Oil Painting":

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I gave you ... Summer ~ Artist Aram Nersisyan

I gave you Summer.
I promise you fall.
Began to shine brighter dawn,
And on top of graying hair grows.
I have foretold you Shadows
Covered with a black card deck.
And the arms of love eclipses
I throw like water.
I have sent down to you the sky
On the wings of that black night.
I do not want no water, no bread,
Just want to be with you. Very Much.
I ordered you Stars.
Destiny pulled together a fine thread.
Maybe I is not too late
Recreate the two hearts abode?
Even if no one asks,
Repeat this will be forever:
I promise you fall.
I gave you Summer ...
Constantine Banshchikov
 Berry Fritz paintings


















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With humor about great artists ... (I do not come up)


Hundreds of years of world culture gave us a myriad of brilliant artists. One problem - remember them all is not possible.


- Once upon a time, a freshman again, we had the history of art. Lectures were held on Saturday at 8 am and five minutes to "lecturer" standing at the door and then closed it on lock. That's all. Did not - pass. All year he showed us slides of paintings, from cave paintings and ending with Russian artists of the 90s. And all of these slides were with him in the form of postcards. Vottakennaya pack. And at the end of the year, as usual, the exam. First two questions, and then execution individually. By the number of your passes for the year (!), He took out a pack cards. Discordantly. And it must be said of the author or title. Mona Lisa and a couple more to remember everything quickly. And the rest of the mulёnom have to do something. And now, to guess the author, we brought in a group classification. And you know, in 97 cases out of a hundred - it works! Until now!


If you see in the picture dark background and all sorts of suffering on their faces - a Titian.

 Charles Becker paintings



Exception - that this person golopopaya no signs of thoughts on his face. Already a something you can remember. Venus, not Venus, but something venereal it is:




If the picture vottakennye priests and cellulite even men - not sumlevayus - a Rubens.




If the picture guys like ox-eyed curly women or just on the Italian fag - a Caravaggio.




Bab he even drew half. In the next picture - a woman. Gorgonyan Medusa Arutyunovna. Why it is similar to dzhonidepa - mystery cleaner Mona Lisa's smile.




If a movie has a lot of little fellows - Breughel.




Many small little strange fellows + x * yni - Bosch.



If all the people look like bums at night when the lights dim lantern - a Rembrandt.



If a picture can easily pririsovat couple tolstopopyh cupids and sheep (or they are already there) - it's Bush.




Beautiful, all naked and figures like bodybuilders after drying - Michelangelo.



See ballerina - say Degas. Say Degas - see ballet dancer.



Contrastly, rather tartly, slate, and all vottakie skinny bearded faces - El Greco.


And finally, if anything, even aunts, like Putin - is Jan van Eyck


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