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No more beautiful in the world of female beauty! Feminine charm in the works of British artist Mark Spain (Mark Spain)

Mark Spain (Mark Spain) - energetic and talented English artist. Technical diagrams Mark Spain studied at the College of Arts in Medway (Medway College of Art), and then began to create amazing work in the studio in Kent.
Mark Spain loved to experiment with different objects and methods, creating their delightful pictures. The artist's works were exhibited in numerous exhibitions, including exhibitions in famous galleries in Chelsea (Chelsea) and Hampton Court (Hampton Court). Currently, the famous artist Mark Spain are among collectors from around the world and exhibited in galleries across the UK.
In the works listed below, Mark Spain cleverly reflects the feminine beauty and charm, the atmosphere of the spirit and mood, captures beautiful moments of feminine charm.


Bill Drysdale paintings
Do not stop to wonder miracle,
That God has put in a woman,
Kras will admire the marvelous,
Not a glimpse superior forces.
Around the solemn beauty of a lot,
Beguiling blue skies,
But the undoubted reference steel
Divine girlish beauty.
There is nothing more beautiful in nature,
Being young is good and young,
Unfortunately, through the years
Beauty disappear like mist il smoke.
But earlier in the soul raging feelings
Although beauty is gone for a long time already,
NO for the highest art.
You save forever love in the shower?
Feelings of youth will not forget the beautiful,
They are about the past - a marvelous dream,
Do not stop to wonder miracle,
As a benchmark - maiden beauty.


Instinct beautiful, righteous and eternal:
When beauty in your path,
In the breast starts to burn fire heart,
And you want her to go followed suit.
It is not necessary to avoid the male gaze,
For a woman it - beauty rating,
Passionate and lustful glance - award
About happiness can live in the soul dreams.
The trouble is, when it does not attract
Clothing and blush, powder, mascara,
Look blankly past runs,
And on the other beauties looking husband.
In my heart and delight and joy,
When beauty still going to go,
Pleased by the lustful gaze.
Wonderful love game!
You can not grasp that does immense,
Let thoughts manifest miracles
For women and an honor, and a pleasure,
When they look into my eyes.



She was indifferent to me yesterday,
But feelings come invisibly,
Now it is time to wonder:
How could pass by before?
In the vast expanse led away dream,
Watched an amazing sight,
But the marvelous, like spring beauty
Was unnoticed nearby.
Suddenly opened his eyes suddenly,
Broke my heart girl
Everything in the rosy light shone around
And the birds began to sing loudly.
I hear enthusiastic hymn to the beauty,
Loving happy miracle,
This did not occur to me even in a dream,
I will love her passionately.
Was indifferent to me yesterday she
And look always ran by,
Filled the soul with love to the bottom
Seriously, secure invisibly.


Was proud beauties,
From the truth did not stepping down,
In the words as steel, solid haughtily,
Face of beautiful hips and chest.
Tempted fabulous miracle,
Inaccessible dream
Soul nice, since beautiful,
But beauty may fade.
How doe run faster time
Only in the spring garden in bloom,
She wore like a burden,
Invictus beauty.
Spring has passed, hot summer
As the sad time:
Color white fell Netherbloom,
Although yesterday was wonderful.
And pride has replaced
Suffering in the sea of bitter tears,
After losing the gold price,
Kohl it is negligible demand.


I was speechless with marvelous beauty,
But the feelings felt in the chest alive
You - enthusiastic girl dreams
This the first time I met a.
Suddenly kindled a fire in my chest,
And the flame burns steadily now.
Love awaits us ahead
Or you pass without noticing past?
A flame climbs,
But will my love mate?
Only exhibits a sense of beauty,
Otherwise, love will be invisible.
Beauty is like dew on a meadow,
Rosa - a drop of water from the simple,
But, invariably, in the sun
They shine like gold.
And the beauty of love in the glow is visible,
Love is like the sun, reveals the paint,
When light a fire in my chest it
And the girl suddenly becomes as from a fairy tale.


Embarrass, girl, embarrassed,
Umchitsya beauty go,
And then remember the pain,
What were you yesterday.
Kohl burning man's views
You see off slowly,
It can not be better consolation,
Life is like a fairy tale, is good.
As days go by, fleeing the week
Rush, like an arrow year
After longingly watched
Do not look now than ever.
The heart to the glory faded deaf
Because youth always entails,
Go faded old woman
And there was once a beauty.


I obeyed thy power,
Involve burning eyes,
Do not keep the passion,
She - as spring thunderstorm.
Kras unearthly Charu,
I always see you happy
Burning his passionate kiss
Does not allow the menacing look.
Hold me close,
But Keep only one step,
Stop able to look
It's like a real magician.
Your opinion charms powerful force
But I strive for their dreams,
You make it by my sweet,
With you meet in the dark.
I will not even notice the forces glance
Gusts feelings hide the darkness.
Be bolder with his beloved it!
After you kiss itself ...


Women's smile - a wonderful phenomenon,
In the heart of a flaming fire ignites,
Generously gives happiness, joy, inspiration,
Tenderness emits female palm.
Happily, when you for it not once,
And the smile shines just for you,
Attract bright lips like cherries,
The sweetness of their drink I want love.
Slim figure, doe, legs,
Look to him with chains chained chest
Bright smile at heart trouble,
After all, change the vector of life my way.
Called a smile, do not go no urine
And I'm going to limp into the girl's captivity
At me with love watching her eyes,
Life promises us a sea change.
Stranger generously gave their opinion
And bright smile stole from him.
Gentle smile, but what power!
Smiled, became my destiny.












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