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Andrew Atroshenko paintings

Russian artist Andrew Atroshenko Andrew Atroshenko, 1965 was born in Russia Pokrovsk. 1977 in children's art school, graduating in 1981. Two years later, began teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bryansk. 1991 entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, one of the world's most prestigious art school. In 1999 he was invited to the United States participating in the United States during his affected Royo and Pino, the paintings form a rich, distinctive Latin flavor characteristics. In his works, skillful use of light and color, draw the characters, dancers boundless energy, the picture bold, exciting, glamorous, romantic, passionate, dynamic and three-dimensional, rich emotional and physical dripping vividly free and easy in the paper, let us appreciate the artist carefully written, exquisite paintings unique charm.

photo from Andrew Atroshenko Paintings


A moment in time.jpg_45.jpg




Admiration 30X24.jpg_25.jpg


Alessandra 20X14.JPG_50.jpg

Angelina 20X16.jpg_37.jpg


passion of music atroshenko

Claudia 24X16.jpg_21.jpg

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