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with childhood friend and favorite VA Tropinin!

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Making Tracks

Vasily Tropinin (1780 - 1857) - painter, portraitist, was born in the village of Karpivka Novgorod region serf of Count Markov, then release it into the wild. Nine years of age was determined by her master in the pupils of the Imperial Academy of Arts, formed in it under the guidance of Shchukin and, having finished her course in 1804, settled in Moscow, where he worked until his death. V1823, he for the painting "The Lacemaker", "Portrait of the artist O. Skotnikova" and "old beggar" was confirmed as the so-called "designated" academic (ie a candidate for academics). A year later, presenting "Portrait medalist KA Leberecht" Tropinin became a full academician.


Close Captivating similarity, expressiveness, harmonious, though not particularly brilliant color and conscientious completeness of execution in portraits of Vasily Tropinin assign this hardworking and humble in the artist's life is one of the first places among the Russian painters one with him specialties. Of his numerous works, besides the aforementioned, the most remarkable portraits: two of his own (in the Moscow Public Museum and the Academy of Fine Arts), Emperor Nicholas I (1825 in the Moscow archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), DP Tatishcheva (at the Academy of Fine Arts), II Dmitrieva (the Academy of Sciences), H. Karamzin, Pushkin, H. Gogol, Karl Briullov, N. Utkin (all five - in the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow), AE Lazarev, Prince SI Gagarin and some others.





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