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"Women are like watercolor" .Hudozhnik Gordon King


"Women are like watercolor" .Hudozhnik Gordon King



Gordon King was born in 1939. His talent is clearly manifested in childhood - at the age of seven years, he has won several art exhibitions. After leaving school he concentrated on figurative illustration, he studied at the Carlton Studios in London and studied art at the University. In its twenty years, he became a freelance illustrator, but in the mid-seventies, he threw an illustration, to become a full-time painter.


Women are like watercolors:

That - caprice liked in April,


And another that was like a holiday,

From a distance, its beauty teases.


This - argues night with stars,

Other Beauty eclipse day.


Singing alone heal the soul,

The other - a speech used only listened.


There are some - just stayed in bed,

Once again the heat of desire does not break out in the body.


And on the other, and ten times - all is not enough!

Excite temptations will sting.


Thalia and Melpomene ... feelings -

Drama and comedy art.


Sobriety intoxicating snowstorm -

Women are like watercolors ...


If the temptation to break out in his mind,

To compare them with each other will not;

Women that stars in the dark heights -

Each of them is like a miracle!








Thomas Kinkade


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