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What are you most interested in women ... The artist Rob Hefferan


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- How long can you look at me?

- Until you turn away

- I just knew that you were not attracted the eye


- You drink with me?

- So pour

- Enough ?, so we could kiss

- What will we drink?

- What do you know how?

- For beautiful women

- Do not generalize well, where do you see women

learn to see one.


- And what you are most interested in women - looks or enough content?


He smiled,

rotating around the waist

in the hands of transparent glass


- You're right, the glass is attractive,

but I prefer wine






- How do you manage to understand them thin fragile exciting

hysterical jealous crazy cruel?

no matter how I tried to

next to me is empty


- Women are unpredictable

it is not necessary to understand them

they themselves are not able to understand at times -

they need to feel


Subtle sense of women

will not only understand the world

but also to preserve it.






- What are you looking for?


- I lost a snowflake

she was absolutely white, white skin,

white hair, white teeth


- Blonde with a pearl necklace smile?


- It is unique, you saw it?


- Admired recently


- Not simmer ... where was it?


- Beautiful ... without hesitation I offered her hand

perhaps too insistent,

adventure not restrained ....


- She agreed?


- Took it and immediately disappeared.




where would just not care and with whom

always move in opposite directions.


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Rob Hefferan was born in 1968 in Warrington, Cheshire, UK. Is one of the most talented artists of the UK. One of those artists whose name does not give sleep peacefully hundreds of critics. And it is no wonder he is from the best-selling and highly contemporary painters, Rob took a long time all the prestigious position among collectors and lovers, and the beauty of the female body. His sensual woman, almost real and tangible, delicate and refined, admired its fragility and tenderness mixed at the same time with passion. Soulful face, beautifully curved body, rich draperies dresses - all recognizable style of Rob Hefferan. Putting the beauty of the female body at the center of his work, the artist has never regretted it.

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