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Jean-Claude Dresse. From the world of reality and dreams

Jean-Claude Dresse. From the world of reality and dreams



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Jean-Claude Dresse, was born on September 8, 1946, in a family of artists. His grandfather was an artist lover, father - sculptor and painter, and his cousin, the first violin in konservatorii.V for four years he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts de Charleroi, drawing class c Marcel Gibon.V 1985 he held his first solo exhibition in Brussels. Since then he has regularly exhibited in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.
Fabulous, refined establishment in each of his works - from the world of reality and accurate mechty.V writing without excess artist is poetic, original prostranstvo.V currently Jean-Claude, whose artistic adventure continues, preparing new exhibitions, works and dreams.










Winter Tales of Olga Ionaytis

Winter Tales of Olga Ionaytis



Rodilas in 1965.

In 1980 she graduated from art school Mytishchi. In 1987 - the Moscow Printing Institute.

"My parents - not artists - says Olga. - And somehow I decided very early on that I was an artist, know that they will not. I was going through a very long time, because I could not understand that here at the neighbor's girl gets so bright pencil drawing, and I, no matter how much I drive over the paper, I have all greensickness. It was only much later learned that the pencils come in different softness, and the paper also can be different "(from an interview with" The highlights ». - 2005. - № 1-2. - S. 52-59).

"Whom do I find a teacher? Of course, a huge influence on me has Spiridonovich Dmitry Bisti, the course of which I attended. I studied very carefully everything that makes Gennady Spirin, and although unknown to him, I think that a lot from him learned. But I did as a whole as an artist, my teacher - Natasha Yarosh, who prepared me to college. Since my childhood I loved fairy tales, most English and German. They are very magical. Russian theme interested me too, but rather in the residential, historical and folkloric terms. With great curiosity to study European legends, especially everything connected with Celtic culture "(from the magazine" Children's Literature ». - 1998. - № 2. - S. 84-85).

The first author's work Olga - "a book about cats" - came out in 1987.

In 1992, there were just three of its author's book: "Walking in Moscow Kremlin", "Walking in Moscow: China Town" and "Russian superstition." In 1993, the artist began a collaboration with the publishing house "Little Boy", where in 1994, with its illustrations published a book Otfried Preußler "Little Ghost".

Since 1996, Olga Ionaytis - member of the Moscow Union of Artists.