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Women in our lives.



Waking up early paintings

The woman I loved,

Dear to me and the road today.

Even away - they goddess

The woman I loved.


For me, there has never faded

Their beauty, youth and tenderness.

I feel their power, as before,

Through all the years of separation and.



The woman I loved,

My life adorned themselves.

Each was my fate,

As I was fate for them.


I do not know where they are now.

Life flashed,

As a farewell dance.

And while love poems remained,

I am saddened by the loss of old.


Give them a God, and happiness, and good,

And yet all dreamed about.

And on top of a tiny little -

Reflections from the old fire.



Three life I would get the forces

Because sometimes rainbow

Less than a random direction

The woman I loved.



I know that all women are beautiful.

And his beauty and intelligence.

Another fun, if the house is a holiday.

And loyalty, - when the separation in it.


Not their clothes or profile Roman -

We conquer female soul.

And her youth, and motherhood.

And gray hair, when a couple came.



As long as I live - they will pray.

Love other delights prefer.

The Lord has given us a woman, like a miracle,

Entrusting the world that beauty.


And he commanded us to live next to, with dignity -

Chivalrous - and generously, and light.

To our souls passed war -

And in my heart does not look evil



No women unloved,

There is unmet.

Someone passes by,

When would sit next to.


When would say a word

And everything changed.

Former light lightning

As a film, to light.


No unloved women

And every law.

As in the shell pearls -

In the soul of love alive.


Everything in the world is fixable,

Only do the honor ...

No women unloved,

While the men are.

poet Andrei Dementiev

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