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Words do not, ..)

Words do not, ..)




We are looking, sitting side by side, on the other hand.
Unblinkingly into each other's eyes.
They understand their thoughts do not mind.
Words do not, can not be thought out loud.

My thoughts are not all you read.
Your thoughts are not all I understand.
We're very different, you know.
That understand those and I will take to heart.

So goes the clock minute.
Clop sound of wheels gives.
In the silence ulybnёmsya lips.
Remembering the life flight.

In our lives, we say a lot.
Different words like good, bad.
And now the two of us were silent.
All we remember the best in them.

Here there are such minutes.
When you look into each other's eyes.
And silently, words do not like.
They have already said in my life.



The sky is called - blue,
Sun called - gold,

Time called - irrevocable,
Sea called - the immensity,

Called a woman - the beloved,
Called death - inevitable,

Called truth - saints
Called passion - fatal.

How do I call my love,
Nothing to repeat it?

1935 Natalia Thick




Artist: Thomas Saliot





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