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Artist Andrew Atroshenko

Artist Andrew Atroshenko

Andrew Atroshenko was born in 1965 in the city of Pokrovsk, Russia. Accepted as a gifted child in 1977 into the Children’s Art School, Andrew graduated with honors in 1981. Two years later, Andrew entered Bryansk Art College, and in 1991 was accepted at one of the most prestigious art schools in the world, the St. Petersburg Academy of Art.

Bassline 36X30.jpg_28.jpg


Before Rehearsal 30X36.jpg_62.jpg

Before Rehearsal

Before the Dance 24x30.jpg_9.jpg

Before the Dance



Call Of The Wind 36X24.jpg_68.jpg

Call Of The Wind

Chenoa 18X16.jpg_39.jpg




Andrew Atroshenko Vibrance

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