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Edward Hopper - morning sun 1952



when the painter's wife, Jo, posed for this picture, he was already 69 years or so was quite benevolent Hopper also repesentándola or perhaps it is still kept very well physically. That body could well be that of a woman in her thirties, but ........ To me, personally, I think it's great to represent whatever his wife, or better, to make use of the model in way you want, envejeciéndola, embellishing or rejuvenating, at last, after all, the / as models only serve the painter as objects that draws you need for your work, that is, they are not to be exactly copied but to be used . In this and many other works of Hopper we know that the woman is Josephine, his own wife, because we had herself said from his notes and diaries, but ... Who was the famous Gioconda ?, resembled the model ?, or is it totally invented Leonardo ?. From the point of view of quality and artistic emotion of the work, none of this matters in the least, actually only have these questiones interest to the student, neither for the excited audience fascinated by the beauty of the face of the girl.

In this case, the woman is not only one of the six objects that make up the austere and alegrísima work of Hopper; the others are: a radiant blue sky in the morning, a red brick building representing the exterior, the American city, street, after a large window is open or closed with glass which marks the inner division -outdoors, a wall magnificently sunny, and a bed used. All bathed in sunshine and surprise you, studied by the author to the smallest detail, according to sketches confirm this. Thus Hopper's works are as simple as complicated composition of study and preparation. There is nothing left to improvisation.
You can see the similarity between his other work Rooms by the sea and this one. It seems that only differ in women and that the former has the sea of ​​Truro and the second city of New York. But both are tremendously optimistic and full of life.

I leave an excellent page interiors Hopper, works with interior scenes, each of which you can extract greater or lesser degree some of its defining characteristics. Among them are, of course, Morning sun and Rooms by the sea, which together Woman in the sun and in an empty room Sun belong to the 50s and 60s, when I quite bright and cheerful as the color it means.

(Edward Hopper)


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