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How does the oil painting look

How does the oil painting look

This question is too big


In France alone, the four museums are: the Louvre, the Olympic gallery, the pompidou center, the Tokyo palace

The four museums follow the same route of art history: from classicism to romanticism to modern times

The way to appreciate oil paintings is different.

First stop: the Louvre

Before the Louvre museum collection is 18th century and classical painting, in addition to know a few shocking artist, need to understand is that the artist is conditioned by religious forces, subjects and painting can't have too much on innovation, to pursue only for narrative and the realistic technique level.

And view and admire this kind of painting at the same time, in addition to most legendary artist works, can be part of the study are mainly concentrated in the Greek or Roman mythology framework and allusions in the west, because the realistic level, any modern aesthetic normal for a realistic view of basic ornamental force can YiErTiao doorways.

For example:


With little wings and a small story of his own identity, he can find other pleasures if he knows the story of Cupid's secret behind him. Painting in ingres a series of recurring in domestic album of painting portraits full, in addition to simple realistic technique, the composition is exquisite, such as understanding the content of the story, can get different viewing experience.

Second stop: the Olympic museum

Orsay museum's collection is derived from the Louvre museum, from the time line, the cohesion of tandem, therefore, under the premise that a general idea of art history, learn the orsay museum collection since romanticism (neoclassical) until after impressionism.

At the bottom of the orsay museum collection reveals the basic human culture in the peak of the realism art (another peak, I personally think that buried in such as the German romanticism is not relatively famous painter), so there is no appreciation fundamental difficulties.

On the way up, there are impressionism and post-impressionism in the world.

For close to the modern the paintings, artists are not committed to the realism and the religious stories, so in writing, composition, have been big innovation on colour, but you can still use the classical analysis of appreciation doorways.

For example, monet's painting:


In addition to a few of the flocs, such as manet and degas, even van gogh, gauguin, the traditional appreciation of the method can still gain the pleasure of viewing.

Such paintings from nothing but techniques (i.e., large stroke), the composition (conspicuous), color (bright make public) were analyzed, and it is not difficult to appreciate, because from the sensory perception of vision can get pleasure.

Third stop: the pompidou center

Forget about your traditional oil painting, if you still have the technique, the composition, the purpose of color, not disappointment, but confusion.

Although there are still realistic types of works that can please your visual senses, for example


 you can see what's going on and analyze it, right?

Such as:

No matter how the subject matter, from the realistic Angle, still has the saving grace?


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But you need to do more homework than you can do in realistic oil painting. As for the artist, the history of art, the likes of roscoe, dekuen, kandinsky, malevich, in the pompidou, faced such a painting:
Gustav Klimt The Kiss Oil Painting Reproduction


Look how good I am to you, but can you see what it is?

When it comes to this part, traditional oil painting fans know that the rest is the history of art, and the work needs to be done here.

Pompidou is a threshold, is it not more vulnerable to follow the timeline?

Fourth stop: Tokyo palace

Ha ha ha, want to see oil painting work in Tokyo palace? That's more than you and I think.

Now that we know the status of oil painting in contemporary art, why should we come here? How can we have the problem of appreciation?

In short, how to appreciate oil painting works, in terms of realistic category, technical level, background level, and how to analyze it cannot be overdone.

Oil painting appreciation, also have a periodic, amateur, works for which period of interest and research on it a bit too much, always found something new in one level.

As for the present day.

Have the good, need not inspire, the bad person, look at the distance.

Thank you.

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