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copey oil paintings

The third day, with a white shop!


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There are many answers, some of which are really zero, some are not.

Explain what is the zero basis: no sketching basis, no water color foundation, and no previous art life. That's really self-taught. If you have a solid foundation for self-study, I can only say that the teacher who taught you has to sneeze. Show off.

I declare first, I have sketch basis, did not learn color, the middle school oil painting in January this year, the teacher is also newly learned amateur oil painting lover, so I basically rely on self-study. It's semi-self-taught.

The experience is copying, imitating, and imitating. Meet the sure real scenery, sketching! It's naive to draw the picture. You can't be taller than the first few friends...

First up, then slowly update:

4.19 just finished painting, it took one day. Van gogh's painting is a pile of oil, which is not easy to dry and dirty. The painting beginners seem to experience a turn, it's lovely is that everyone draw style is completely different, seemingly is easy, in fact is the most easy to expose a person painting talent, basic skills, and even the inner world! Really, van gogh's paintings are so magical.


I really appreciate the @li fan. This painting especially has its own style, the style is freehand and hard, the pile oil treatment is very good!! Worship it.

April 12. It takes a few days. I saw the warm sunshine and the vitality of the people and the pigeons, and the days of the heavy rain in shenzhen were intermittent. What a beautiful weather it is!


3.25 painting a week, this Venice many beginners also love imitation, the classic screen saver! But I experienced too much detail, too manic, and I painted this picture with a pimple on my face...

Experience is patience, patience, patience... One day, anyway.


At the beginning of march, the painting was very fond of its color. The door was grey and purple, the wall was yellow and white, and all prices were marked with time. I spend most of my time in detail: holes in doors, mottled walls, holes in baskets... It is suggested that beginners should try this kind of detail painting style so that they can learn to deal with more complex images.



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