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Frederic Remington art reproductions paintings

O2014 years of winter start off school painting painting, I came to anger,
But also for the first time in the right to answer the question where the wrong words also hope that timely, thank you
University is a professional design is usually quite like painting, but the oil painting tool is not suitable for the usual pastime, so the beginning has been painted with a small watercolor play, then a friend asked me to paint a painting to her home, it is quite confident Get started, this first long so ??


Baidu looking for a photo, painted for three days or so, but also the fans of the self-confidence ah, after this month that Oh, no flowers, flowers, no matter what I direct painting characters, and then look at this will see a lot of problems, Ugly what, it does not matter the first thing,
And then I was confident of the first Zhang after the characters


This painting is still finished later, but put this semi-finished product is because at that time to draw this stage is completely doubt their own, the beginning of the fans of the self-confidence has been ashes, you can see a character on the requirements of the strict A lot, not like a plant like the color of the location of the tiger can easily live, the face of the structure, the tone of what is not enough to understand, are not the reason to draw, self-confidence frustrated I went to see some online Of the tutorial, although nothing to use, but for the oil painting steps have a general understanding, can be considered to adjust the mentality, the second person is so ??




This is still put and the first character of the same stage of the map, you can clearly see the first figure than the first picture of a lot of stability, but the overall effect is more general, dirty with dirty and so on, of course, these problems are Now see it but was still a great sense of accomplishment ah finished, ha ha ha, so the next are almost all ??



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