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Moussin Irjan: The art is to know when to stop

It all started with the fact that one three-year-old Kazakh boy drew a tree that he saw from a window. The value of this work is not of global significance: the moment was the culmination - it was at that time that Moussin Irjan loved the whole of his art. A fruitful path began, strewn with experiments, trials, and mistakes. It was he who developed the school: now Musin paints so thin a layer of oil paint that to an uneducated person she seems to be a watercolor. His paintings live, and their author claims that this happens only because he delicately feels the moment when it's time to stop.



This Belgian artist of Kazakh origin claims to write pictures because they can not not write them. Eternal inspiration serves the world around him, but most of all ordinary people and Italian music. Thanks to them an idea is born, immediately behind it is a performance, an integral part of which is an obligatory reflection of what has been conceived, and the main driving force of the whole process is an impromptu.
Biography Irzhan vividly indicates that the process of teaching painting in his life never stops. At eighteen he graduated from the Art College in his native city of Alma-Ata, at twenty-three

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The legendary St. Petersburg Academy named after Repin, and on this any other artist would have satisfied contentedly. But Musin added to his experience the Brussels art school "RHoK" in 2004, and three years later defended a diploma in the Antwerp Academy of Arts. Who knows, maybe he is studying somewhere now.
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