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The woman on the ship ...

They say that the woman on the ship is unfortunately.
Do you believe that?
And here I found a very interesting explanation for this superstition among French sailors. )))
First a small musical and poetic retro sketch, and then an explanation.


I told the captain:
"Take me with you!
On the seas, on the oceans ...
Go fishing and fight!

You should not waste it, two weeks
Confessed to me in love?
How much did we eat lobsters,
We drank as many wines? ..

You swore and swore,
That you will give me a gun! .. "
I'm on deck, the flag is up -
Saber, watch, skeleton.





The old boatswain was indignant:
"On the ship - so that without women!"
But my corsair fought with him:
"Know, they say, a place, a baobab!"

We left Tortuga
And it began!
Spun storms, blizzards,
The mast is soaked through!

An anchor in the sea drowned,
The guns were thrown overboard,
Somehow forward swam,
A boat Bo-Bo!

Boatswain again resent:
"The woman is on the ree! The same hour! .. "
Sail south, and there are Spaniards!
They decided to seize us!




The captain wore a cuirass,
About Varyag ready to sing ...
On a broken longboat
We sailed away from the enemy.

Compass somewhere lost,
But, the old man Neptune helped -
In the ocean they found
Anonymous islet.

The boatswain once again opened his throat:
"There is no asparagus or chicken!
First we eat beauty,
In it, the meat is even softer! "

Among the waves in the magical run
A golden sail has taken up ...
We were delivered by colleagues
To Tortuga - home of the native ...

Captain ready for everything:
"Oh, my love!
I bought a new ship,
Our way to the distant lands! "

I was upset at half strength
(What for us to shed a tear?)
And she said: "You know, dear,
Tired of ships!

Promised me at the pier
All the treasures of the earth ...
You learned first
I wish I could steer the boat!

I'm not going to sea anymore!
For me there is no place!
Do not mumble your "Am sorry ..."
Yes ... and the boatswain - hello!

Irma Kaller

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