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About megapixels and more ...

Once I used a Sony Ericsson phone button phone with a built-in camera - for it a thickening of the case was made and the sliding cover protected the "Zeiss" optics, so that what was built in was another matter. Gigabytes of its images are still stored on a hard disk and I'm not ashamed to publish them after minimal processing. Now I also have Sony with 23 megapixels - a giant number for a smartphone camera, but the quality is achieved, apparently, by hardware processing, and the images are "heavy" (otherwise it's not cool). As long as the pixel size does not reach the minimum size limit, the quality will be determined by the size of the matrix, and only in megapixels it is necessary to take into account in comparison.

This was the preface to the fact that there will be photos from the smartphone Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. This is not my Nikon D60 mirror, where the pixels in the matrix are half as large. However, to compare these devaysy there is no sense, but I do not see any gain from double superiority in megapixels and I strictly ask not to judge for quality.

I have come to Izmailovo for many years, next to the newly-built Izmaylovsky Kremlin, but I only got out yesterday in the Gosudarev Dvor, which is just off the beaten path, which still bears the name of a bandit-revolutionary. I noticed that I would have to look in the summer with a mirror. The weather was cloudy, but for a few minutes the sun suddenly appeared, allowing two or three bright shots. I superstitiously considered it a greeting from the Heavenly Chancery after visiting the cathedral in honor of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, where, in fact, and was heading. And yes - the sun helped the camera still smartphone does not drop its samurai reputation.

So, what is there so beautiful? Here is a good view of the Izmailovo Kremlin from the humpback bridge:

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The Rider

Then we go to the territory of the Gosudarev Dvor, which on the map is called "a town named after Bauman" and see the North Gate in perspective:

The southern gates from the opposite side look impressive due to the cathedral domes:

Cathedral in honor of the Protection of the Holy Virgin from different angles, on the left there are already visible errors of hardware zoom:

And finally - the view from the outside to the South Gate near and from the fountain, which at this time is completely dry:

Yes, on the smartphone's screen everything looks very good, but it's only necessary to increase the picture ... and immediately remember about the Nikon SLR.

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