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It is these programs that are used to create special effects in photography !!!

If you want to make a drawing, a poster, a picture or put watermarks on an image from a regular photo, then you can correct something by using special image editing programs.

Photo to Color Sketch - the program for transferring a photo to a drawing. From the usual picture you can make a black and white or color drawing, impose special effects, Shane Guffogg art

program can combine several pictures into one image and pick up the background you like (for example - a drawing or any texture).

Poster Forge - a program for creating posters from photos and pictures. The program copes with its task "perfectly". The number and theme of the posters depend only on your imagination. For example - you can create a poster in the style of the wild west or come up with a poster for the film - the choice is very large. It is possible to change text, font size and type.

Gertrudis Pro - this wonderful program makes real pictures of photos. And - very different: drawings in color and simple pencil, felt-tip pen, watercolor, oil, gouache and so on. You can change the parameters of a pencil or brush, combine colors, change their places, get new shades of color.

Makeup Guide is a makeup program. You can impose a make-up on the face immediately on the photo - the program provides complete freedom in choosing the style and creativity. There is a built-in set of cosmetics - shadows, powder, lipstick, it has different color options for eyes and much more.

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