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Latin American artist Daniel Hernandez Morillo

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The Latin American artist Daniel Hernandez Morillo (Daniel Hernandez Morillo, 1856-1932)

Artist Daniel Hernandez Morillo

Daniel Hernandez Morillo (1856-1932) is a Peruvian artist whose works cover various styles of genre painting: from academic painting to impressionism. Outstanding representative of the art of Latin America.

He was born and raised in Peru, where he studied painting from Leonardo Barbieri, and in 1875 received a scholarship from the Peruvian government and went to Europe. Hernandez continued his education in Italy, where he studied classical art in Italy for ten years, then moved to Paris. In Paris, the work of Hernandez was well received, his paintings were constantly bought up.

At the international exhibition in 1900 Daniel Hernandez Morilla was awarded a gold medal, and in 1901 - Legion d'Honneur. In 1912, Hernández held exhibitions of his paintings in his historical homeland in Latin America: in Montevideo and Buenos Aires.

Daniel Hernandez was also an illustrator to the works of Honore de Balzac: "Rural priest", "Lost illusions", "Rural doctor".

In 1918, the artist, at the invitation of the governmen Sylvie Cloutier paintings

t, returned to Peru's birthplace, where he held the post of director of the Lima National School of Art until his death. Daniel Hernandez died on October 23, 1932 in Lima.


Masquerade in Rome


Elegant lady on the waterfront of Paris

Girl with red ribbon

Young girl with a tambourine

Venice, gondoliers

On the balcony

Girl with duck

Favorite bird

A Little Helper

Girl with blue ribbon

Studying news

Portrait of a Lady

Women on vacation (dreams)

Reclining Nude

Moment of leisure

Lady with a fan



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