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St. Stephen's Cathedral. Vein.

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St. Stephen's Cathedral. Vein.

The Cathedral of St. Stephen is the national symbol of Austria and the symbol of the city of Vienna.

The first church on this site was built by the Margrave Leopold IV in 1137-1147 in the Romanesque style. This temple burned down, and in its place in 1263 the second church was built, also in the Romanesque style.
Then, on April 7, 1359, Rudolph IV laid the first stone of the new Gothic church, without destroying the old church, but building a new temple outside.

The church is so huge that simply walking down the street or being at its walls below it is impossible to photograph it all.

St. Stephen's Cathedral is Catholic in spirit but baroque in interior decoration, the length and width of the cathedral at ground level is 198.2 × 62 m. The height of the tallest tower is southern - 136.44 m. During the Habsburg times, not one church of Austria-Hungary could not be higher than the southern tower of St. Stephen's Cathedral.

In 1647, reconstruction was carried out, and after the complete expulsion of t Natasha Barnes art

he Turks from Vienna, in 1722 the status of the cathedral was elevated to the Archbishopric.

Under the eastern part of the cathedral and the adjacent houses are the catacombs. In ancient times, there were buried there. It began in 1732 in connection with the ban on burial inside the city walls. About 11 thousand people were buried in the catacombs. Then they forbade burials in the catacombs. However, till now there are made burial places of the higher hierarchs of the Austrian church.

Finally, we go in!

In the temple there are 5 tombs: Rudolph IV (the prince - the builder of the cathedral, died in 1365). The gravestone in the main hall is symbolic; the body is buried in the underground "ducal crypt", laid down by Rudolph himself; the abbots of the cathedral; Frederick III (died in 1493), the tombstone of the work of Nikolaus Gerhardt; Eugene of Savoy
(died in 1736); 72 members of the Habsburg dynasty (the "ducal crypt") are mostly symbolic burials, since from 1633 only the internal organs of the monarchs were kept in the cathedral, bodies were buried in the Capuchin church, and hearts in the church of St. Augustine, where we will visit in a separate post .

In the Christmas holiday in the temple are set spruce, inside the balls, decorating the branches of the fir - notes with wishes.

Altarpiece to the Virgin Mary

In the temple there are 3 bodies, all of them are modern reconstruction, because the ancient organs were destroyed by fire during a fire (?)

In this church, VA Mozart was baptized and married.

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