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If in the city your snow

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If in the city your snow

Volkov Sergey "Pink twilight on Pokrovsky Boulevard"

I want a warm winter,
Unhurried snow -
In the evening, in the city, from the sky,
From the rosy darkness.

As there at Blok - a blizzard!
By the lanterns along the avenue
Cones of light are spinning,
Like great stacks.
Snow flakes - a collapse! -
On pedestrians, trams.
Immediately became unrecognizable
Old avenue and train station ...


Wiggins, Guy A "Snowstorm Overthe Flatiron Building"


Irina Roslavskaya

Igor Razzhivin "Walks in the evening Moscow"

Osipov Evgeniy and Oksana "Svetlanskaya.Sneeg"

Igor Razzhivin "Snowfall on Staraya Basmannaya"

Salamov Bajrat

Anna Kuhar "The snow is coming"

Piskarev Vladimir "The snow is coming"

A. Schepalin "The snow is coming"

Volkov Sergey "Reminiscence of the snow-covered tram"

Come sleep inaudible
Snowfall times.
Weightless Gd
Densely sows the seeds.
And whirls us for envy,
Do not be afraid of your fate,
White snow, barely touching
Roofs, fences and branches;
And he calls to forget zeal,
Dust, despair and passion,
Between the cloud and the firmament
Quiet without a break ...

(Larissa Miller)

Olga Darchuk "Favorite City"

Ekaterina Smrnova "59th and 7th in the Snow"

Evgeny Gavlin "Snowfall"

D. Levin "Snowfall"

A.I. Boravik "Snow"

Melodies of the Silver Winter
The wind plays on its flute,
And the music of the sorceress - blizzards
Bringing dreamlike dreams ...

The rhythmic creak of the sound of your footsteps
Set the dimension to the total score,
Frozen sound in ice sculpture
Silence silence unspoken words.

With a crystal chime, ice breaks
Misunderstandings on thousands of crystals,
Enthusiasm of the ice ball
Sparkling snowflakes dance.

On their temptation to succumb so easily,
After all, their flight is so clean and so transparent,
And the sound of the pipe is so ambiguous,
And the branch beats about the glass ...

I'll run out to the sound of your footsteps,
And you and I will circle in the snowy hall
To the sounds of a waltz ... There is no sa Carol Satriani paintings

dness in the eyes,
Sparks in them sparkles with love.

Words for explanations are not important,
Only a sincere feeling is valuable ...
About this you will be told without fail
Melodies of the silver winter.

(Elena Seryogina)